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Stained Glass Window Soaps

Stained Glass Windows: have you ever witnessed the etherial beauty of the sun shining through stained glass? Transparent artwork, painstakingly handcrafted, allowing light and color to play together in perfect harmony. 

These 7oz handcrafted Stained Glass Window Soaps are fragranced wth Tranquility- a soothing spa like scent, with notes of chamomile and bergamot. Each piece is individually designed, thus no two soaps will ever be alike. Framed with activated charcoal soap, the light shines through the mosaic pieces like a soapy rainbow. Premium quality humectant glycerin soap provides soft bubbles that may be a tad grey but also detoxifying, due to the activated charcoal. The glass look really comes to life while the soap is in use, a truly spa like experience.

Stained Glass Window Soaps

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