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 My Soap Story


Several years ago, my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma, and basically told to go home and get his affairs in order. Thank the Lord he didn’t listen. He took advice from a dear friend and looked into alternative treatment in Mexico, which absolutely saved his life. He is still with us, some 17 years later, not in perfect health, but NOT battling skin cancer.

What does this have to do with soap? I’ll tell you. While in Mexico, along with a tonic and an alkaline diet, my Dad was given instructions to consider every single thing that would come in contact with his skin, especially soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, lotions, even tap water (and whatever else may be lurking within). This was part of the cancer treatment program. As a redhead with extremely sensitive skin, who has suffered way too many blistering sunburns, and now has a family history of Melanoma, I decided it was time to consider what I was putting on my skin, too. I began using coconut oil as my moisturizer, and creating products with raw shea and cocoa butters, and essential oils. I loved the way my skin felt, and never looked back. I finally took the dive into creating custom soap just this last summer.


 If I’m really honest, I dabbled in making beauty products as a kid, putting flowers in oil to try to make "perfume", making egg white face masks with my friends, and finding clay in the river at The Paulsen Farm was always a treat to use as a mask. I've always been drawn to this. I do many other things. I sing. I teach voice. I have been a music director and performing arts instructor. But I have to say, making artistic soaps, fragrance oils, and bath goodies with high quality ingredients is more rewarding than I ever imagined.


Why glycerin soap?


Am I terrified of making cold process? Well, yes. But there are better reasons.


I’ve always been attracted to TRANSPARENT or TRANSLUCENT things. From as young as I can possibly remember, I've gravitated to colored clear glass, glass art, gemstones, beads, transparent plastic, colored water, and of course, Cinderella’s Slippers.

Even more important, is the way glycerin soaps clean my skin. I cannot say my soaps do anything other than clean, but I can say what they do NOT do: they do NOT strip my skin of it's natural oils. "Squeaky Clean" is not a good thing, when it comes to skin. I like a soap that cleans thoroughly, removes dirt & germs, and nothing more. I turned 50 this past December (2019), and I'm feeling pretty good about my skin!

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