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Solid Shaving Soap Rounds

More pics coming soon... 


These are the same great 4 oz soaps I use in my soap tins, but these soap rounds have been freed from their little tin box! Use with a brush and cup, or lather with your hands for a great shaving experience. These all contain my original shave soap ingredients, included many natural plant extracts for skin softening & hair prep, and all contain clays for slip and ease of razor gliding. Four types available so far: 

Original: Shave & a Haircut w/Kaolin Clay (pictured) 

Hipster Woodsman w/Bentonite and Kaolin Clays (pics coming soon)
Black Ice w/ Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay (pics coming soon)
Unscented w/Kaolin Clay (pics coming soon)

If your skin needs extra moisture and your beard hair needs softening, consider using my Whipped Shaving Soap w/Hops Extract and Argan Oil. 

Solid Shaving Soap Rounds

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