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Soap Saving Spider

A large Spooky Spider for your sink, counter, or shower, helping you to prevent soap mush, while keeping hands and body super clean! This adorable Gift Set contains one 5 oz soap (the body), one 1.5 oz soap (the head), and one Soap Lifting Pad woven with chenille stem legs. Fragranced in Spiced Pumpkin & Cranberry, your creepy friend will add fun and smiles to your bathroom, shower, or kitchen! Great for Halloween parties! 


Yes, the bubbles will look "dirty" but your hands will be incredibly clean. Activated Charcoal is both the natural colorant and a cleansing booster. The soap ingredients also include skin soothing aloe vera, nourishing olive oil, and humectant vegetable glycerin. 


Always keep your handmade soaps out of your shower stream, puddles of water like those that form in traditional soap dishes, and allow to dry between heavy usage. If the soap becomes mushy, pull it out of the rotation of use and alternate with another soap. Allow to dry for a week or two away from humid areas, and your soap will look almost like new, will perform better and last longer. 

Soap Saving Spider

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