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Florida Skunk Ape

Florida has to have their own version of everything. Welcome the Floridian version of Bigfoot- the Florida Skunk Ape (known in some circles as a Swamp Ape). While he smells, and not in a good way, my Florida Skunk Ape Soap smells like Southern Sunshine (a blend of Oranges, Orange Blossoms, Key Lime, with notes of Meth Lab Explosion).  As in all my soaps, it is free of harsh detergents, and all colors and fragrances are skin safe and used in appropriate amounts outlined by IFRA. 

Check out my other listings to find the Florida Skunk Ape's cousins: Bigfoot Soap, Yeti Sea Salt Bar, and Coffee ScrubSquatch! 

Florida Skunk Ape

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