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Sea Sponge Soaps

Beautiful Natural Sea Sponges, responsibly farmed, so the sponges continue to grow without damage to the delicate sea ecosystem, embedded in high quality soap for a bubbly, gently exfoliating, relaxing Sea Spa experience! 

Two styles:


Sea Sponge Sea Salt Bars: Detergent Free and Vegan, luxurious Three Butter Soap created with Mango Butter, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter, and a sprinkling of sea salt for remarkable cleansing without stripping your skin! White/Aqua fragranced w/Aloe Water & Sea Kelp and White/Gold fragranced with Angel are Sea Sponge Salt Bars.

Sea Sponge Spa Bars: Premium lather, humectant glycerin, and a touch of eco glitter, make this soap a fully emersive spa experience. Exfoliate and cleanse with big soft bubbles, visual stimulation from the beauty of the sea enhanced with biodegradeable sparkles, and phthalate free relaxing fragrances: a self care must have! Clear Aqua w/glitter, fragranced with Aqua Spa, and Clear Purple & Gold, fragranced with Brown Sugar & Fig, are both Sea Sponge Spa Bars.

Sea Sponge Soaps

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