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Santa Flamingo Bar

I tried making this design last year, and I just didn't quite pull it off. It was "ok" but I knew I could do better. A few design adjustments did the trick, and here he is! This is one of the most difficult soaps that I make, but I am super proud of him!

This is a very detailed work of art and every piece is handmade out of soap, by me. Yes, even each little Christmas light. 


Any flamingo enthusiast would be thrilled to receive the gift of this cheeky guy. Fragranced with Aloe Water & Sea Kelp- a very watery note, slightly fruity, not too salty beach scent. I can only make so many of these before the holidays. If you see them out of stock, make an out of stock request right away, and I will try to get them done in time to ship or pick up. 

Santa Flamingo Bar

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