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Nebula Soap Art

Nebula: Birthplace of the Stars! Some of the most stunning pictures from space we've seen are those of nebulas, with colorful clouds and light bursting from new stars. They have inspired me for years, and as an artist, when I see something that magical, I have to create my version. This was one of the most satisfying soaps to make! 

Fragranced with Raspberry and Sweet Mint Type, a Bath & Body Works Dupe. This clean, slightly sweet, barely fruity fragrance was chosen for a reason, beyond just how much I love it (it really is one of my new favorites!). Most of the "smells" outside of our amazing planet, are pretty gross- so many sulfurous gases and other components that smell like rotten eggs and other fabulous fragrances. BUT, in the center of the Milky Way, Sagittarius B2, there is a dust cloud containing Ethyl Formate: the chemical responsible for the flavor of raspberries and the smell of rum. I'm structuring the fragrances of my OUT OF THIS WORLD collection using that information, plus a little imagination. 


The PERFECT gift for your favorite space afficianado, the soap and fragrance are unisex, and phthalate free. A humectant vegetable glycerin soap with superb bubbly lather, this deep space treat will not dry skin! When allowed to dry between uses, my Nebula Soap Art should last about a month.

Nebula Soap Art

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