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My Tie Dye T-Shirt Soap

Have you ever made your own Tie Dye T-Shirt? Maybe at a summer camp or an or an art class? So much fun to make, and so exciting when you finally get to remove the rubber bands and reveal your final design! That's the excitement I wanted to capture in this soap: colors swirling in beautiful and unexpected ways, vibing with a fruity, summer candy-like fragrance called Unicorn Sprinkles, and tugging at your nostalgic heart strings with old camp songs!

These 7 oz works of Tie Dye Soap Art were created with an innovative technique, using an acrylic pour tool! This idea came from my soaper friend, Samantha. Check out her video that inspired my design: 


Also check out the short form video of me trying this technique for the first time and creating these very artistic and joyful soaps!

My Tie Dye T-Shirt Soap

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