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Luxury Foaming Sugar Scrubs


Introducing my new Luxury Foaming Sugar Scrub formula, with extracts of Aloe Vera, Calendula, Irish Moss, Marshmallow Root, and Sunflower, & Argan Oil for added moisture and botanical skin benefits. This creamy formula whips up a little fluffier and has a fabulous skin feel both in the shower or bath, and after. With plenty of bubbles and creamy lather, this lavish scrub exfoliates while cleansing! Created for your body only, most sugar scrubs are just a little too abrasive for the delicate skin on your face. I will be introducing facial exfoliants very soon, in a separate listing. Indulge as part of your self care routine, or gift to a friend who deserves some extra pampering! Gift baskets available.

The only fragrance that isn't fairly self explanatory is my own blend called "Wicked Good".  It's a dark berry, witchy vibe containing notes of blackberry wine, red currant, patchouli, cinnamon, tonka bean, vetiver, and cranberries. It's magical! It's so magical that I plan to  offer it as a perfume oil roll-on, along with some other popular fragrance blends, hopefully coming soon, but e-mail me at if you are interested now.

Luxury Foaming Sugar Scrubs

  • Scoop out enough for your bath or shower with your wooden sugar scrub spoon. and close the jar lid. Using hands, washcloth, bath sponge, or bath puff, work up a sugary lather and lightly scrub your roughest skin with a circular motion. For a super close shave, try exfoliating legs beforehand.

    Avoid getting water in your jar of scrub. This scrub is protected with gentle but effective preservatives, but introducing water into any hand made product can allow for bacteria or mold to grow. Avoid eyes and delicate areas of skin. For external use only.

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