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I'm a Barbie Swirl

This unique collection of Barbie Inspired Soaps are the perfect tribute to a nostalgic playtime favorite! I'm presenting several styles to reflect the many faces of Barbie, who could effortlessly jump from taking care of her Dream House to working as a Doctor, and end the day chilling out in Malibu with a suntan. 

The fragrance is perfection for a Barbie lover: *Victoria's Secret Pink: Fresh & Clean (*Type). I kept this scent very light in these, to mirror Barbie's fresh & clean image. With an overall vibe of fruity/floral, the main notes are sweet apple, fresh  tangerine, sea spray, and lily. Fun & flirty... and PINK!


Sizes vary with style:

Classic Barbie Swirl     7+oz

Barbie Camo      7+oz

Barbie Tall 1      5oz

Barbie Tall 2     6oz


This is a limited edition collection, so grab yours now and one for a friend! 

I'm a Barbie Swirl

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