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Gothic Windows

Fragranced with my own proprietary blend "Before the Rain" with notes of Ozone, Rain, and a touch of Lilac, a very clean but spooky fragrance.  These are the same as the Gothic Windows listed under the Nevermore Collection.


These stunning soaps have a depth and clarity that is quite difficult to capture on film, and simply a spooky fun time to use! Activated Charcoal, which is also the black colorant, provides superior cleansing. 


The Spooky Tree Window is slightly smaller at 4.5 oz, while the others are a hefty 6.5 oz (hence the price differenct).  The skulls in the Spooky Skulls window will Glow-in-the-Dark after charging (LED lights NOT recommended for this: it will work, but it's not as strong) Limited run, so when they are gone they are gone! 

Gothic Windows

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