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Mermaid GLOW Soaps

MERMAID GLOW SOAPS! Lighting up the website, these glowing sirens will add a spooky glow vibe to your bath! Using skin safe pigments and micas, along with biodegradable glitter, these ladies are gorgeous in the daylight as well! The Aloe Water & Sea Kelp fragrance, my favorite go-to beach scent, is slightly sweet and fruity, and gives definite water/beach vibes, without being overly salty.

It's difficult to capture glow-in-the-dark on film. The tails GLOW BLUE and the shells GLOW GREEN. These will be in my small line of FALL IN FLORIDA soaps, part of my FALL COLLECTION.

You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can't take the Florida out of the girl. Scratch that- you can't take the girl out of Florida either!

Mermaid GLOW Soaps

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