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Crystals Rock: Individual Soaps, Collection #2

Crystals Rock! I love, love, love crystals, and have for as long as I can remember. Each of these crystal soaps is completely designed and hand crafted by me. I use multiple techniques within each style of crystal. No two will ever be exactly the same, as these are handmade works of art.

I work hard to match the fragrance with the look or the energy of each crystal style. I extensively research each type of crystal that I emulate, allowing that information to work with my imagination, and my experience with soaping techniques. The results are beautiful crystal soaps that work in harmony with the fragrance, and with your skin. 

The weight of each soap varies slightly, as they are all hand cut into crystal shapes. They range between 4.5 to 5.5 oz. More styles will continue to be added as I want to recreate every gorgeous rock I see! These make perfect gifts for your favorite rock hound!

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO actual crystals in these soaps! I know there are some soapers who like to embed real crystals in a soap. My thoughts on this are: no, I won't do it. Most importantly, it is a safety precaution. It's way too easy for that crystal to come loose and slip down a drain and cost you a plumber visit, not to mention, some stones could scratch your skin. The Lapis Lazuli does contain pure gold leaf, but it will not harm your pipes or your skin. I may offer up crystal infused oil rollers in the future. 



Crystals Rock: Individual Soaps, Collection #2

  • Usage: It's soap! Wash & rinse thoroughly, avoiding eyes.  Remove soap from standing water. Supervise young children during use, especially soaps that smell like or resemble food; soap is not edible. People with extreme sensitivities/allergies may want to conduct a spot test before use. 

    Care: To make your glycerin soap last a long time, do not let it sit in water. Best practice is to remove from the shower when you are finished, and allow soap to dry between uses. For hand soap, I recommend using a Soap Lift or a draining soap dish. If "glycerin dew" appears (looks like sweat), due to the humectant properties of the soap, simply rinse in water, it will not affect the functionality of the soap.

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