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Cabochon Gemstone Soaps

Beautiful puffed oval gemstones, like the setting in your grandmother's favorite ring! Cabochon gemstones are smooth and rounded, and are NOT faceted, but highly polished for a shiny glow meant to show off the tiniest details in each stone. These soaps are 3.5 oz and fit perfectly in the hand. Many want to save them as art or decoration, but nothing is quite so intriguing as the shine and clarity of these soaps when they are wet/being used, not to mention they won't dry your skin! 


MANY of these are one/two of a kind experimental soap stones, and as such are very light on fragrance, usually a clean scent.  The blue opal and the water opal are the exceptions, stronger in fragrance. I am constantly experimenting and refining my techniques just to see what I can do. I will soon create a page just for these special one and done soaps. 

Look for more designs in this style soon! 

Cabochon Gemstone Soaps

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