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Bucket o' Candy Soap

With memories of the weirdest, most delightful collection of sugary candies falling to the bottom of my pillowcase as my neighbors dropped them in, wishing me "Happy Halloween". Of course, after the traditional "Trick or Treat" was the obligatory "...And who do we have here?" dashing my hopes of instantly being recognized as a princess. After all, my alter ego was Princess Pfeffernüsse. 

Oh, the smells of that bag of candy! My kids were of the "pumpkin bucket" generation, hence the name. Sure, there may have been some annoying pennies, boxes of disappointing raisins, and maybe an apple, but mostly the sweetest celophane and paper wrapped smells and tastes, waiting for inspection by the parents. THAT is the fragrance and inspiration for this bar of soap. ALL of the candies and all of the excitement of trick or treating in days gone by! 

A nice hefty 7 oz bar! 

Bucket o' Candy Soap

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