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Apparition Glow Soaps

The challenge for me was to create a beautiful bar of soap that would be dazzing in both daylight or at night after charging. Many colorants will block light from activating the glow pigments, so this was a bit of a challenge, BUT, it worked! 


In these 7 oz bars, I get vibes of a misty, swirly spooky apparition, floating through the dark and searching for it's place in the afterlife, or perhaps clinging to it's past life, or maybe it's just fog in weird lighting! 

The three colors you'll see are a sapphire blue, an aqua blue, and a glowing green. You'll be able to see these colors in a mesmirizing swirl, whether washing in the daytime or as the three colors glow (in these colors- not just typical glow-in-the-dark green). The fragrance chosen is a dupe of *Sweater Weather (*BBW type). The entire experience is a delight for the senses!

Apparition Glow Soaps

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