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Watercolor Floral Spice

This unique proprietary fragrance carries subtle notes of breezy florals, with light notes of woods & spice, while remaining a clean, crisp scent. It is a combination of skinsafe fragrance oils and skinsafe essential oils. 

The design is also a distinctive creation: using acrylic pour tools, each flower is hand poured with multiple layers of colored soap, amongst layers of beautiful clear, humectant glycerin soap. It is reminiscent of water color floral paintings, but in 3-D. Each bar is an individual work of art, never to be exactly replicated. 


My Art Soaps make incredibly thoughtful, unique gifts. Just remember to USE the soap, you won't believe what it looks like when it's wet! To keep it looking fabulous and make it last longer, please don't allow it to soak in the water or sit in a wet soap dish, but use a draining soap dish or allow to dry between uses. 


It's not just soap. 

It's not just art. 

It's an experience.

Watercolor Floral Spice

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