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Sea Turtle Collection

Everything is soap, the turtles, the sea shells, the sand, the waves- everything but the sponge- a natural sea sponge, sustainably and responsibly harvested in The Gulf of Mexico, near Tarpon Springs, FL, by another small business owner & family. Each piece of soap art is created and designed by me, hand poured and layered to create a picture and a feeling, all while cleaning your skin without stripping it. Using my highly moisturizing glycerin soaps is more than washing, more than art, more than the fragrance or skin feel- it's an experience. Use the pretty soap. You deserve it.


The Shallows:  this tranquil sea turtle, swimming along in the shallows, is happy to be in warmer waters. Sea turtles have been around for about 110 million years, which is why I fragranced this soap with Ancient Waters. The sand is made from oatmeal soap and apricot seed powder for a layer of light exfoliation. Do you like the clear water? You should see how clear it is when you run it under the water to use it!


The Sunbath: Climbing onto the rocky shore for an island sunbath! This adorable soap is fragranced with Sea Island Breeze. The "rock" in my soap is a natural, sustainable, responsibly harvested sea sponge, from Tarpon Springs, Florida. These sponges are soft, yet exfoliating, do not harbor bacteria, are 100% biodegradeable and eco-friendly (when harvested properly). They are a true treasure from the Gulf of Mexico.


The Homecoming: Sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs, usually to the very beach where they hatched. Their nests are protected by both federal and state laws, and are frequently seen with a small fence around them, to protect them from harm. The little hatchlings can easily be lured in the wrong direction by the lights of the city and beach nightlife, just one of the many struggles in the battle to become an adult. Those few who do make it to adulthood have an estimated lifespan of 50-100 years. This beautiful soap art representation of the surf with turtles coming ashore, is a labor of love, sweat and tears, and maybe a few curse words. It is fragranced with Cool Water Type. 

Purchase the 3-soap collection for a $3 disccount.  These are works of art; each one will be slightly different. They are made to order, so please expect 1-2 weeks before they will ship. 

Sea Turtle Collection

  • Usage: It's soap! Wash & rinse thoroughly, avoiding eyes.  Remove soap from standing water. Supervise young children during use, especially soaps that smell like or resemble food; soap is not edible. People with extreme sensitivities/allergies may want to conduct a spot test before use. 

    Care: To make your glycerin soap last a long time, do not let it sit in water. Best practice is to remove from the shower when you are finished, and allow soap to dry between uses. For hand soap, I recommend using a Soap Lift or a draining soap dish. If "glycerin dew" appears (looks like dew or sweat), due to the humectant properties of the soap, simply rinse in water, it will not affect the functionality of the soap. To keep it at bay if you are displaying rather than using, you can spritz it with alcohol or allow to dry near a fan or in an area with less humidity. 

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