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Sea Salt Soaps & Sweet Sugar Soaps

Why do you want a Sea Salt Soap?

Sea Salt Soaps are exfoliating (but mine are not scratchy), detoxifying and full of minerals, they balance your skin's natural oils without drying or stripping skin, they are humectant and draw moisture to the skin, and have a soft, creamy, foamy lather which makes this super-cleansing bar a real treat to use!


Why do you want a Sugar Soap?

Sugar Soaps are naturally humectant, drawing moisture to the skin, and also a natural source of glycolic acid, encouraging old cell removal & making room for new ones. They are gentle but effective at exfoliating, which can also unblock pores and aid in maintaining clearer looking skin. Sugar also aids in the lathering of your soap creating a bubbly lather, and has a great rinse off feel.


Both Sea Salt and Sugar make your soap a harder bar, which means it will last longer. They are both fabulous on most skin types, yet there are slight differences. I honestly can't decide which one I like best.


These 3 oz soaps fit beautifully in your hand.

Buy a 3 pack bundle and save $3! Try them all!

Sea Salt Soaps & Sweet Sugar Soaps

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