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Northern Lights Bucket List Soaps

Well, it's on my Bucket List, anyway! Have you seen the Northern Lights? I've only seen videos and pictures, but I am smitten. Many of Ms. Terry's Art Soaps strive to capture the beauty of nature, and this one is no different. I hope in some small way this 7.5 bar of luxury art soap does justice to the magic of Aurora Borealis.


As with all of my Art Soaps, each one is unique, utilizing very intricate techniques, and cannot be exactly replicated. I'm starting with mountains and trees, but I may add other views, such as the sea and other picturesque places. 


The Trees are fragranced with Fir Needle Forest.

The Mountains are scented with Rosemary Mint.

Makes the most beautiful, unique gift, meant to be USED! You and your loved ones DESERVE to use the FANCY SOAPS! Ms. Terry's Art Soaps: more than art, more than soap. It's an experience. 

Northern Lights Bucket List Soaps

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