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Ms. T's Crystal Trees

Many of my Polished Rock Soap designs and a few of my Crystals Rock! Soap designs can be recreated in the shape of a Christmas Tree! While I'm definitely focusing on Christmas and Winter colors, please feel free to request other crystals that you see on my website. PLEASE message me before ordering and I will tell you if it's feasible. A few of them may have a custom order charge, due to the difficulty of the pour.

Here are the obvious Christmas/Advent/Winter colors, some not pictured yet, but they will match the crystal in the pic: 

Ruby: Apple Cinnamon Spice

Emerald: Walk Among the Fir Trees
Quartz: Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil
Amethyst: French Lavender Essential Oil
Blue Topaz: Cool Spruce

Rose Quartz: Floral & Spruce


NOTE: some are pictured with light behind them, only to highlight the clarity. These soaps DO NOT light up, but are transparent!


Ms. T's Crystal Trees

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