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Mermaid Reflection

More fun with Mermaid Tails! These gorgeous soaps capture the full beauty and irridescence of the mermaid/fish tails. Reflecting a rainbow of colors, like real mermaid and fish scales, these gems are hand painted by Ms. Terry, using skin safe, sustainably and cruetly free sourced micas. Soft eco-glitter decorates the ocean-like background, without hurting our oceans, or your skin. 

These, like my Mermaid Splash Soaps, are scented with Blue Raspberry. For a $2 upcharge, you can request other fragrances and/or color combinations. You will have to describe what you want in the area designated for notes, and I may contact you if I have questions. I carry too many fragrance options to list, so give me an idea of what you want, and if I don't have it in stock, I will let you know my next closest options.

Mermaid Reflection

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