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Luxury Clay Confetti Soaps

Luxury Clay Confetti Soaps! 5 colors, 5 different clays & essential oils, and so many other good things in these bars, OMGoodness! Ingredients like Argan Oil, Kokum Butter, Goats Milk, Silk Amino Acids, Calendula Extract, Sunflower Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract, Irish Moss Extract, Marshmallow Root Extract, Oatmeal, Honey, Coconut Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil, work in tandum with luxurious detoxifying clays and carefully chosen skin safe essential oils. These soaps are a mini trip to the spa! Treat yourself everyday. 


Black Bar: TEA TREE & ACTIVATED CHARCOAL w/Litsea Cubeba

Pink Bar: BUTTERMILK & ROSE CLAY w/Geranium (Bourbon)

Sage Bar: HEMP & SEA CLAY w/Michelia Alba Leaf

Tan Bar: ARGAN OIL & RHASSOUL CLAY w/Orange, Patchouli, & Rosemary

Slate Bar: GOATS MILK & CAMBRIAN CLAY w/Lavender


3 NEW: picures coming soon


Russet Bar: KOKUM BUTTER & BRAZILIAN CLAY w/Spiced Ylang Ylang


White Bar: TRIPLE BUTTER & KAOLIN CLAY w/Coconut Milk & Vanilla


Dk Green Bar: GOATS MILK & DEAD SEA MUD w/Spirulina & Argan Oil

Although my Luxury Clay Confetti  bars are gentle enough to use on your face, with no artificial colors or fragrances, all detergent free, they are also perfect in combo with my carefully crafted Luxury Clay Face Soaps.

Luxury Clay Confetti Soaps

  • Safe for washing all over, lather with hands, shower puff, wash cloth, or sea sponge- don't forget to add a little extra water to boost your lather- and rinse! For an extra spa treat, massage the lather in small circles all over and allow the clays to detox for a minute or two before rinsing. Allow your skin to fully dry before assessing the skin feel.
    Always care for your soap by allowing it to dry between uses. Never let it sit in a soap dish puddle or the shower stream. Best to use a soap lift or draining soap dish. If your hand crafted soap becomes too soggy or mushy, just remove it from your bathroom for a day or two and allow it to dry out thoroughly, it will behave like new. 

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