FunFetti Soaps

Bright neon soap confetti appears to float in a variety of soap types and fragrances. These happy 80's throwback bars are oversized 8 oz bars of retro fun! If you prefer a smaller bar, they easily cut in half with a kitchen knife to create 2 regular sized 4 oz bars of retro fun!

Black: Detergent Free & Vegan, fragranced with Spiced Vanilla


Clear: Premium, Vegan Soap, fragranced with Sea Island Grapefruit


Pink: Detergent Free Buttermilk Soap, fragranced with Strawberry (smells like Strawberry Laffy Taffy to me!)


Blue: Detergent Free Moroccan Argan Oil Soap, fragranced with Blue Raspberry Slushie


White: Detergent Free Goatmilk Soap, fragranced with Unicorn Sprinkles (smells like a generic fruit candy- reminds me of Nerds!)


Yellow: Super Shave & Skin Loving Soap, fragranced with Island Pineapple.


Each color/soap type has a different skin feel and all have creamy bubble lather, with exceptions of the Clear which has a luxurious bubble lather, and Yellow, which has a rich foamy lather.  All are created using sustainable and responsibly sourced raw materials.

FunFetti Soaps