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Flamingo Lagoon

Flamingo Lagoon is the second soap in my installment of "Ms. Terry's Art Soaps" collection, reflecting my personal experiences, and expressed through the wonderful medium of usable soap.  I've been told they are too pretty to use. Please use them, rather than display them. They cannot be left unwrapped & unused for long periods of time and maintain their beauty; much like desserts that are works of art, they are meant to be consumed (please don't eat the soap!). 

Flamingo Lagoon is fragranced in Sea Island Grapefruit, and each piece is completely unique. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL and I actually used to occasionally see a flamingo or two in the mangrove swamps, usually on the way to or from my Dad's work. He is a retired school teacher, and I used to love to go with him to school on "in service days". I sell them individually or I can make a paired set. These are a labor of love and made to order, so please allow plenty of time when ordering. 

Flamingo Lagoon

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