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Fantastical Unicorns


Stunning, magical, fantasical unicorns! Choose from 2 designs: Starlight Sparkle or Roy G Biv. My flying unicorn soaps will delight fans of Pegasus as well, with hand painted gold or silver wings. These are hand poured beauties with intricate detail work, including my handmade rainbow ribbon soap for Roy G Biv and biodegradable glitter stars for Starlight Sparkle. Fragrances available include: Pear Delight, Fresh Rain, and Unicorn Candy. 

These lovely soaps are a large bar, but not oversized, they weigh in at 6 oz. Custom colors and fragrances available for a fee, email me for details at

Fantastical Unicorns

  • Usage: It's soap! Wash & rinse thoroughly, avoiding eyes.  Remove soap from standing water. Supervise young children during use, especially soaps that smell like or resemble food; soap is not edible. People with extreme sensitivities/allergies may want to conduct a spot test before use. 

    Care: To make your glycerin soap last a long time, do not let it sit in water. Best practice is to remove from the shower when you are finished, and allow soap to dry between uses. For hand soap, I recommend using a Soap Lift or a draining soap dish. If "glycerin dew" appears (looks like sweat), due to the humectant properties of the soap, simply rinse in water, it will not affect the functionality of the soap.

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