Easter Trio Gift Sets

Hippity Hoppity! 

These sets filled with Easter-y Skin Treats will have your skin feeling soft and fresh as spring! Makes an EGG-xellent gift! (Sorry, not sorry.)

Each set comes with:


3.5 oz Easter Egg Confetti Soap (see labeled picture for details)

3.5 oz Sparkling Sugar Scrub Mini-Eggs Variety Pack

3 oz  Sparkle Bunny Clear Glycerin Soap


The Sparkling Sugar Scrub Mini-Eggs are a solid, break-apart type, scrubbier than my Luxury Foaming Sugar Scrubs. They leave skin feeling soft and moisturized, using coconut oil, sugar, and calendula soap. Scents and colors may vary, but will likely include one of each of the following: strawberry, black raspberry vanilla, orange blossom honey, fresh cut grass, unicorn sprinkles, and berry blue. 

Pink Trio:  Buttermilk/Strawberry

Blue Trio:  Argan Oil/Berry Blue

Yellow Trio: Calendula/Island Pineapple (Bunny is Orange Blossom Honey)

White Trio:  Goats Milk/Unicorn Sprinkles

Mix-it-up Trio: You choose the Easter Egg Confetti Soap (available types: Pink, Blue, Yellow, White, Black or Clear/Neon), and choose the Sparkle Bunny Soap (Pink, Blue, Yellow, Clear) You must indicate which soaps you would like in the provided text boxs. The sugar scrubs are a variety and the same in every set.


The Black Easter Egg Confetti Soap is a Detergent-Free Hempseed Oil Soap w/Activated Charcoal, and is fragranced in Fruity Cereal; the Clear/Neon Easter Egg Confetti Soap is a Clear Glycerin Soap is scented in Sea Island Grapefruit. Both of these are VEGAN options.


Easter Trio Gift Sets

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