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Crystal Snowflakes

Beautiful Crystal Snowflakes, with incredible detail on the front, the body of the soap made up of gorgeous, glittery soap crystals in clear glycerin soap, gentle and humectant. With sparkling mica and enticing fragrances, these beauties are a wonder to behold and even more beautiful while being used. They make fantastic gifts on their own, and even better when paired with my other crystal or snowflake soaps! Several Gift Set options coming soon! 

Purple/Amethyst- Lavender Essential Oil

Blue- Eucalyptus/Spearmint

Aqua- Sweater Weather Type

Clear- Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil (the clear are pictured on two different backgrounds as the clear soaps are really difficult to capture on film. The are extremely clear with a light amount of biodegradable glittler for a touch of sparkle.) 

Crystal Snowflakes

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