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Budget Boxes & Baskets



You choose the budget, give me a few parameters (allergies, likes/dislikes), 

I'll create a gift box or basket for you or your loved one! These are created from IN STOCK items only, this is how they differ from my custom baskets, and how I can offer a small discount to you.  I will send a picture and a list of what's included in the box (unless you choose Mystery Style, then you get what you get!) and I will give you 2 chances to replace items before finalizing and shipping. The more info you give me in the info box, the easier it will be for me to come up with the perfect gift box!


This is an interactive process;

you must provide info and be responsive to email contact. All pictures and items in pictures are examples only. I cannot replicate any of those specific baskets. No refunds, as you get a chance to approve and replace before shipment.

Please have reasonable expectations. The idea for the budget is you get to choose a box that suits your budget. It does NOT mean I am creating a box for you that would normally cost $99 and giving it to you for $14.99. 

In the Info Box for colors, fragrances, and style- you may also indicate whether you prefer quantity over artistry, or artistry over quantity. 

Budget Boxes & Baskets

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