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Perfume Oil Roll-Ons Amber Bottle

Pure perfume oils, essential oils, and moisturizing coconut oil, mingled together in a glass amber roll-on bottle for convenient, on-the-go fragrances.  Several of the aromas are my own proprietary blends, found only at Ms. Terry's Soaps & Such. 

There are 4 types of fragrances available:
Duplicate Blends $7.99

Premium Proprietary Blends $9.99

Pure Essential Oil Blends $11.99

Custom Blended Perfume $17.99

Main Fragrance Notes:

Pink Sugar Type: raspberry, cotton candy, sugar & vanilla
Amber Romance Type: vanilla, amber & black cherry

Coconut Lime Verbena Type: coconut, lime, bergamot & peach

Violet Violets Premium Blend: violets, violet leaf & ozone

Wicked Good Premium Blend: blackberry, red currant, patchouli & spices

Victorian Tea Rose Premium Blend: tea rose, bergamot, rose otto essential oil

Fresh Rain Premium Blend: ozone, light florals, green grass & clean water

Dirty Vanilla Premium Blend: vanilla, vetiver & sandalwood

Pure Lavender Essential Oil Blend: french lavender
Sweet Herbs & Citrus Essential Oil Blend: coriander, bergamot, orange

Rugged Woodsman Essential Oil Blend: cedarwood, fir needle, rosemary

Patchouli & Petals Essential Oil Blend: patchouli, jasmine & ylang ylang

Seaside Morning Essential Oil Blend: eucalyptus, lavender & bergamot
Custom Fragrance Roll-On: let's collaborate to create a unique blend for you! 

Perfume Oil Roll-Ons Amber Bottle

  • For an aromatic experience, roll a small amount of fragrance oils onto your pulse points, and breathe! For longer lasting fragrance, avoid rubbing wrists together.

    Persons with sensitive skin and allergies should conduct a spot test. For external use only; keep out of reach of children. 

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