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The Soap Dish

What's new at Ms. Terry's Soaps & Such?


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joke/funny gift specials for that wacky friend

4 NEW gift boxes just released! 

Give the gift of laughter!

CYBER MONDAY- everything that's left will be on sale

Plus Budget Boxes/Baskets! 



*STACKABLE SHIPPING: anyone who places multiple orders and would like  them sent to the same location, please pay shipping for your first order as usual, and for all subsequent orders (Black Friday through Cyber Monday), choose the FREE PICK UP option- additional SHIPPING WILL NOT BE FREE, but will save you money. You must be able to pay the additional discounted shipping costs through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. I know everyone is used to free shipping from Amazon, but as a very small business, I cannot afford to pay that for you. I only charge the actual shipping costs and round it up to the nearest fifty cents, not even charging extra for the supplies, so you are saving some money. 

Ms. Terry's Tiny Treasures 

are here! Miniature versions

of my Art Soaps, make fabulous gifts

and Stocking Stuffers!


Skincare Extraordinaire!

New luxury face care products are here.

Check out the review of my skincare products below,

under Soap Stories! Book a facial w/bestie,

using my products @LaStrega Bodywork & Wellness



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Soap Stories

"Last night, I gave myself a facial with all of my products from Terry Bartlett . Microderm, Dermaplane, Oil Cleanser, Charcoal scrub, Red Rose Clay Hydration mask, Lactic overnight tx and CBD moisturizer.

I am so impressed. My face not only feels, but it looks like a baby's butt, in a good way. I lost 10 years, easy. Her new small batch line is incredible.

I can't stop touching my face,,I cannot believe how immediate the effects are." - Christine Bauer, Clinical Esthetician

"they feel good, they smell good and they last." -Debbie

"The spearmint soaps you made for us smell so good, I want to eat it!!!!! My skin feels awesome!"


Omg!! Check out my goodies!! I hosted with Terry a virtual Facebook party & we had a blast. She totally spoiled me as a hostess and I got amazing deals, free gifts, and wonderful soaps for not only my house but for gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays and Christmas!!

Thank you Terry!!! 


"Not only do they look and smell amazing, they do a very good job of keeping your skin clean and soft! For someone with very sensitive skin, the ingredients and scents used have no effect on me. Besides happiness" - Melinda 

     I have the pumpkin

spice by my sink and have already used it about five times! Great quality - my skin is left feeling soft and lightly scented - not overpowering, completely pleasant the way I prefer. Thank you! 

- Christina

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